Featured Job: Transit Operator

Drive part time for Metro and release YOUR secret identity.

Want more flexibility than a full-time job can offer? Going to work and school? Working part time and need more hours?

Working part time as a Metro Transit bus driver is ideal for anyone who wants part-time work without weekend or late-night hours, such as students, artists, and people juggling family responsibilities. Part-time drivers enjoy flexible schedules and good pay and benefits. Plus, they know they are performing a valuable service for their community. Being a part-time bus driver for Metro is part-time work that pays off!

An excellent point to consider as well is that we only hire full-time drivers from our current part-time operator pool, and right now employees with good records are currently promoting to full-time in under a year! (This has normally taken anywhere from 2-4 years in the past).

Check out what these drivers have to say about the benefits of working part time for Metro: the Musician, the Photographer, the Veteran, and the Coach! For more information and to apply visit www.kingcounty.gov/Jobs.