Ideas to Boost Survey Participation Rates

Today we started our series of engagement survey orientation trainings. At the very end we did a brainstorm exercise to generate ideas for boosting participation in this year’s survey. Our response rate last year as 60% which is good enough to make the data valid, but we’d like to see more people participate.

For the brainstorm exercise we asked people to write an idea on an index card and then exchange cards 3 times with people in the room anonymously rating each idea on a scale from 1 – 5 where 5 is a great idea.

In this space we’ll share what training participants thought were the best ideas.

August 24:

  • Survey BBQ
  • Have a small party: have food and gather with staff. Post person pictures of people on a board or wall. Decorate.
  • Have treats as unit quarterly meeting if we get 100% response rate.
  • Create a short list of things that happened as a result of last year’s survey. Post it! Share it! Make it visible!
  • Have a competition with another section.
  • Let people fill it out in a staff meeting.