All-purpose fixers do their thing at free public events 

The King County EcoConsumer public outreach program sponsors free repair events around King County (outside Seattle), where people can bring small household items and clothing. Our experienced all-purpose fixers and sewing fixers will work on them, and can help you learn repair tips as well. 

Each repair event might operate a little differently, based on the venue, the needs of the local community, and more. They might be one-time events, or they may eventually be adopted by a local community and run by other organizations. 

At these repair events, people bring in items such as lamps, vacuums, fans, chairs, tools, VCRs, music players, blenders, toasters, toys, pants, dresses, hijabs and much, much more! Our overall success rate at these events for repairing and mending items or helpfully diagnosing the problem (you may need to get a new part, for example) has been 80 percent or higher. See the list of upcoming repair events here.