Plan ahead, expect delays during SR 99 closure beginning Jan. 11, 2019

Dear fellow King County employee,

King County Executive Dow Constantine

Starting January 11, 2019, after the evening commute, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will close SR 99 through downtown Seattle for approximately three weeks, and permanently close the SR 99 Viaduct. Additional ramp closures mean this work could create up to six weeks of traffic disruption.

No matter how you commute, or where from, you should expect significant delays during these closures and be prepared for crowded buses, trains, water taxis, and light rail. All buses coming into or through downtown Seattle will face delays. Twelve southwest routes and five northern routes will be directly affected by the closure.

Metro has been working with regional partners to provide travel options and alternatives to help you get around during the closure. Visit to review your options and find out which routes are affected.

King County is always committed to delivering high quality services to our customers and we will continue to do so during this period. Please allow plenty of extra travel time to get to work and expect rush hour congestion to start earlier and end later.

You may wish to take vacation for some of this period, or consider adjusting your schedule, working at an alternative location, or teleworking if these are options for your job. If you wish to make alternative work arrangements for any of this period, please discuss these beforehand with your supervisor. We have existing policies that address attendance and work schedules, and a website with our telework policy, forms and templates that can assist your planning.

Also, as getting to and from meetings will be very difficult, try to limit meetings with external partners and people coming from outside Seattle during this period, or conduct meetings using Skype for Business (formerly Lync).

Thank you for helping us continue to meet and exceed the expectations of the people we serve during this construction work.




Dow Constantine
King County Executive


This is a map of the SR 99 closure through downtown Seattle. For more information visit