Working from home shouldn’t hurt: Ergonomics when away from the office 

It can be challenging to maintain good ergonomic practices when working away from the office. Below are some tips to help employees when setting up a laptop for frequent use.

  • Maintain a neutral neck position by placing the top of the screen at about eye level or slightly lower if using bifocal glasses.
  • Use a laptop stand or place your laptop on a stable support surface, such as monitor risers, reams of paper or books so that the screen height can be adjusted.
  • Attach a regular size, external keyboard and mouse to the laptop, and place them on an adjustable keyboard tray or desk. The keyboard and mouse should be positioned at or slightly below elbow height.

For more information, view the King County Ergonomic Policy for COVID-19 related mandatory telecommute orders. Learn more and view additional resources on the Safety and Claims Ergonomic evaluation webpage.