Executive’s 2020 State of the County address 

On Friday, July 24, King County Executive Dow Constantine released his annual State of the County address, in which he discussed King County’s historic challenges and changes, and announced new actions in human services, the criminal legal system, and the environment. 

His announcements included: 

  • Maintaining the nearly one-third reduction in adult detention we have achieved during the COVID-19 crisis, and beginning a phased closing of the King County Correctional Center after the pandemic.  
  • Proposed investments to help create safe and community-based solutions for the increasingly difficult youth cases that remain, fully converting the remaining youth detention capacity to other uses as quickly as possible, and no later than 2025. 
  • An effort to ensure that every resident has a safe and secure place to call home, and wherever possible not returning people to stay long term in crowded, congregate spaces.  
  • Transforming our internal operations, learning from DNRP’s pilot of ongoing remote work for employees, and determining whether and how to expand remote work across the County. 

You can learn more about the Executive’s initiatives and priorities in the State of the County by reading the transcript or watching the video of the address.