Learn more about Procurement Technology Modernization on August 17

The Procurement and Payables (P&P) section is excited to announce the Procurement Technology Modernization (PTM) project! There are two parts to the project: a new Oracle Cloud system to streamline procurement, and the Concur Travel and Travel Expense (T&E) reimbursement system. Both of these systems are expected to launch this fall.

Oracle Cloud will include the following benefits:

  • A new service request portal
  • Allow for collaboration on procurements
  • Enable self-service tracking of solicitations
  • Streamline supplier registration and self-maintenance
  • Electronic bid submissions (no more paper!)
  • A contract repository
  • And much more!

The Concur T&E system will feature:

  • Updated policies that are easy to understand and apply
  • Quick and easy paperless travel approvals
  • Convenient travel booking directly through the portal
  • Increased autonomy and visibility and improved cycle time
  • A mobile app to upload travel receipts

To learn more about the PTM project, register now to attend a Virtual Open House on Monday, August 17. For more details on the PTM project and its benefits, please visit the P&P webpage.