Remembering the contributions of trailblazing women during Women’s History Month 

During this difficult period, let us pause and remember the contributions by intelligent, passionate women toward helping and healing our world. From NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and world renowned geneticist Barbara McClintock to computer programmer Grace Hopper and marine biologist Idelisa Bonnelly de Calventi, women have been responsible for leaps and bounds in science, math, medicine, the arts, and many other fields.  We take this month to honor their contributions and appreciate the impact women have in our lives. Join us in thanking and showing gratitude to women who have made a difference in your life. … Read More

Join us at the King County School-to-Work Transition Fair 2020 

Crossposted from Cultivating Connections  These two great events are coming up soon and we need your help to promote them. Our goal is to reach more parents, students and teachers to join us at the fair. Even if you are not involved in this community per se, check out the fair–it truly is special! The first fair will be held at the Microsoft Commons on Thursday, February 27, and the second at Highline College on Saturday, March 14.  Help us by sharing this blog post  Share our YouTube video–it’s less than a minute long! Watch… Read More

Census awareness campaign underway 

Crossposted from DES Express  Every ten years, the federal government counts every person living in the U.S. through a national census.  The results help determine how funding is distributed for the next decade — for things like our schools, affordable housing, hospitals, and public transportation. The count also determines how many representatives our state will have in Congress, and how district lines are drawn for legislative bodies like the King County Council.  Read more from DES Express

King County Affinity Groups provide an opportunity for connection and impact 

In July 2019, King County’s Executive Branch adopted a policy for employees to participate in Employee Resource Groups during their work time. These Employee Resource Groups, also called Affinity Groups, are led by employee volunteers, and are formed around protected categories set by local and federal anti-discrimination law. Some of the categories included are race, gender, and sexual orientation, among others. “The groups promote equity and social justice, foster employee engagement, strengthen workplace effectiveness, improve leadership abilities, and enhance personal and professional growth within King County,” said Janine Anzalota, Equity and Civil Rights… Read More

Apply to the 2020 Balanced You Worksite Fund

How do YOU want to be healthy and well at work? Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the 2020 Balanced You Worksite Fund to help you and your co-workers bring your own creative ideas and solutions to to creating a work-place that feels healthy and supportive . During 2019, the Worksite Fund supported 43 projects designed by and for employees across King County. Projects included a certified therapy dog to help employees reduce stress, self-defense classes to help employees feel safer, physical activity equipment and yoga classes to help… Read More

Reflecting on the history of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. logo 

This month during Black History Month, we are reflecting on why King County adopted the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. logo, and what it means to be the only county in the United States named after the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  King County changed its logo in 2007 from a gold crown to an original graphic image of civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr. King is an international icon for justice, equality, and peace, and the logo is symbolic of those same… Read More

Celebrating Black History Month in King County 

King County Executive Dow Constantine has proclaimed February 2020 to be Black History Month in King County. “Whereas. the scientific, technological, economic, political, and cultural innovations by Black Americans and African Americans have been essential to the progress of our nation and we will continue to honor these accomplishments every month and every day in Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., County, Washington State,” Executive Constantine said in his Proclamation.

Recipients of the 2019-2020 ESJ Opportunity Fund announced  

The ESJ Opportunity Fund is a competitive process overseen by the Office of Equity and Social Justice that provides resources to King County employees to develop and implement projects that work to advance equity and social justice and complement the ESJ Strategic Plan.    This year, 33 applications were received totaling more than $185,000 in requests, with a 2019-2020 ESJ Opportunity Fund budget of $75,000. This was a highly competitive process that highlights the commitment across the County to equity and social justice work, not only at the department and agency level but also of our… Read More

King County employee Metro commuter van pilot: Four-month update 

In October 2019, the Employee Transportation Program (ETP) launched a one-year pilot program offering 100% Metro Vanpool and Vanshare benefits to all King County employees.  Since the launch, employees formed eight new vanpools and one vanshare.  This pilot is an effort to decrease the drive-alone rate to King County worksites not served well by transit as well as provide all employees with an additional ORCA Passport fare-free mode to get to and from work. If the pilot program’s success continues through September, ETP plans to request that this benefit be a permanent transportation benefit for… Read More

Redmond Youth Court participants practice restorative justice 

By Troy Brown, Communication Manager, King County District Court  Editor’s note: This article only uses first names to protect the privacy of minors. Each time 16-year-old “Mary” (not her real name) steps behind the wheel, she likely will be a safer driver thanks to lessons she learned at her Redmond Youth Court hearing. Redmond Youth Court is a student-led organization that works with King County District Court to hear real cases of traffic citations issued to 16- and 17-year olds by Redmond Police within the City of Redmond, offering them an alternative to… Read More