Social Media Spotlight: Zero Youth Detention on Twitter

Zero Youth Detention is King County’s aspirational goal for juvenile justice reform. Juvenile detention is a roadblock in our desire for all kids to be happy, healthy, safe and thriving. @KingCountyZYD shares updates from King County government on local efforts to steer more youth away from courts and detention. Follow Zero Youth Detention on Twitter today.

Social Media Spotlight: King County’s Marymoor Park on Facebook

Interested in soccer, baseball, cricket, concerts or movies? Need to take the dog for a walk? Want to try your hand at flying a radio-control airplane or climbing a 35-foot freestanding structure? Looking to enjoy the outdoors by strolling along a regional trail, picnicking on the lawn, or birdwatching on the shores of Lake Sammamish? Then Marymoor Park is the place for you! King County’s most popular park, more than 3 million people visit Marymoor annually to explore Marymoor’s 640 acres of recreational activities, rare amenities, and culturally-enriching events. Follow King County’s… Read More

Social Media Spotlight: King County, WA on Twitter

America’s 13th-largest county, home to 2.1 million people and 39 cities, and the only jurisdiction in the world named for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Stay current on the happenings in King County by joining @KingCountyWA’s 67.4K followers on Twitter. Follow King County, WA on Twitter today.

Social Media Spotlight: King County Parks on Facebook

Summer is just around the corner, and Your Big Backyard is ready! King County Parks – Your Big Backyard – enhances quality of life and communities by providing environmentally sound stewardship of regional and rural parks, trails, natural areas, and recreational facilities, supported by partnerships and entrepreneurial initiatives. Whether it’s the BBY5K, movies in the park, Chomp!, or any of the other countless opportunities Parks provides, you can connect with @iheartkcparks on Facebook and stay informed! Follow King County Parks on Facebook today.

Social Media Spotlight: King County Metro on Twitter

June is Ride Transit Month, and King County Metro keeps you informed! Metro provides transit service to 122 million riders each year across King County, and uses Twitter to update riders. Stay informed, and get important information about any changes to service on your route! Join more than 125,000 others and follow King County Metro on Twitter today @kcmetrobus!

Big Backyard 5K 2018 in photos

Crossposted from King County Parks Plog Thank you to all of our participants and partners for your support! Your involvement helps make your King County parks a better place. We appreciate your involvement and thank you for making Your Big Backyard that much more awesome. Visit the Parks Plog and @iheartkcparks on Twitter to check out a few of the photos we’ve shared, and we’ll see you next year for the 10-year anniversary of the BBY5K!

Social Media Spotlight: King County Parks on Twitter

King County Parks is hosting the BBY5K this weekend at Marymoor Park, one of 200 parks …and 175 miles of trail, 28,000 acres of open space, and unlimited awesome! There is a lot happening in Your Big Backyard this summer. Stay informed by following King County Parks on Twitter today @iheartkcparks!

Social Media Spotlight: Public Health – Seattle & King County on Twitter

Public Health – Seattle & King County works to protect and improve the health and well-being of all people in King County, WA. Join their 5,700+ followers and follow Public Health – Seattle & King County on Twitter today @kcpubhealth!

Social Media Spotlight: King County DNRP Wastewater Treatment Division’s Facebook page

The #GoPublic employees of King County’s DNRP Wastewater Treatment Division protect public health and enhance the environment by treating and reclaiming water, recycling solids and generating energy. Sitting behind a desk all day definitely isn’t for everyone! @kingcountywtd hires mechanics, electricians, treatment plant operators and more. Besides great pay & benefits, the skilled trades offer a rewarding career path. Follow King County Wastewater Treatment Division on Facebook today.

Social Media Spotlight: Solid Waste Division’s Recycle More and Recicla más on Facebook

The Recycle More. It’s Easy to Do. campaign is a DNRP Solid Waste Division effort that encourages increased recycling among residents and businesses in King County, Washington. Check out the Recycle More. It’s Easy to Do. page on Facebook. There is also a Spanish version and it has great information too: Recicla más on Facebook!