Training Spotlight: Learn Basics

Learn Basics, July 18: Have you heard about Lean before? Have you wondered if Lean could be applied on your job? Come and join us in the Lean Basics course where you will become familiar with the fundamental principles of Lean; such as Waste Identification, Visual Management, and Continuous Improvement. Students will engage the materials through instructor lead classroom discussions, and interactive hands-on learning. Register and learn more.  View more training and development opportunities at 

Training Spotlight: Mental Health Accommodations and Excel 1: Getting Proficient

Mental Health Accommodations, May 29: The Disability Services Section within the Employee Health & Safety Division of DHR is hosting an interactive training on mental health accommodations. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. This session will last 1.5 hours, including time for a Q&A. This training is designed for HR professionals. Register and learn more. Excel 1: Getting Proficient, June 8: Learn to work with Quick Access Toolbar, customize your Ribbon, and work with Dialog box launcher. Expand your knowledge on Relative and Absolute References, Sort and Filters, plus controlling page Headers and… Read More

Training Spotlight: KC eLearning

With thousands of courses, videos, and books, there’s bound to be something to spark your learning. Build your knowledge and increase your skills with free 24/7 access to KC eLearning. Employees with email address can login with their email/network credentials, and employees who do not have an email address can log into their accounts using their PeopleSoft ID number. For more information about signing in, accessing KC eLearning via the mobile app, popular trainings and other eLearning opportunities, visit the KC eLearning webpage. View more training and development opportunities at

Training Spotlight: King County Mentoring Program (Lunch & Learn)

King County Mentoring Program (Lunch & Learn), June 6 and multiple dates: Would you like to have a mentor, someone who can help you grow professionally? Do you want to strengthen your coaching skills? As a Mentee, you will have a trusted advisor who can help you navigate complex situations, and as a Mentor, you can uncover new or forgotten skills and build influence. If the thought excites you, join King County’s mentoring program by signing up for one of our monthly Lunch-n-Learns to uncover more about mentoring and search for a Mentor! Register… Read More

Training Spotlight: Meeting Mindfulness I and Business Writing Essentials

Meeting Mindfulness I, May 15: This workshop is a day of immersion into mindfulness, stress reduction, body awareness, and inner care. Mindfulness helps us meet challenges with more resilience, and to embrace the joys of life with more appreciation and awareness. Register and learn more.  Business Writing Essentials, June 5: Learn practical tips for producing professional-looking business documents, the importance of writing for a specific audience, and how to make the purpose and call to action clear. Review writing strategies for routine, persuasive, negative news, and personal messages. Includes hands-on exercises that reinforce the 5… Read More

Training Spotlight: Introduction to Public Speaking and Lean Basics

Introduction to Public Speaking, May 16: Would you like to reduce stage fight and gain more confidence in speaking in front of a group? Whether you need to give a formal presentation or an informal presentation at a staff meeting, learning key skills will increase your effectiveness and self confidence. In this course you will learn strategies to deal with nervousness, plan and deliver an effective presentation, and practice presentation techniques to capture audience attention. This course offers a supportive enviornment in which you will practice and recieve feedback and from the instructor and fellow participants. Register and… Read More

Training Spotlight: Team Building For Success and Introduction to Career Development

Team Building For Success, May 23: Want to showcase your strengths and make a positive impact in your organization? Your ability to participate, collaborate and resolve issues will set you apart as a “go-to” person in any organization. In this interactive course, learn skills to develop group understanding, evaluate team roles, develop methods for resolving underlying conflict within a team, and use these skills to collaborate with team members to achieve workplace objectives. Register and learn more.   Introduction to Career Development, June 11: In this workshop you will learn the key elements of career… Read More

Training Spotlight: Grammar Refresh and Lominger Competency and Skill Assessment

Grammar Refresh, April 10: Confused about grammar and punctuation? This fun, hands-on class will help you master the latest rules, avoid common errors, and write with confidence. We’ll cover apostrophes, verb tense, word usage, subject/verb agreement, commas/semicolons, style guides, how to avoid the 10 most common grammar and punctuation mistakes, and more. Register and learn more. Lominger Competency and Skill Assessment, July 17: During this class, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your professional skills and generate a list of self-identified competencies that reflect your towering strengths and challenges. Next, based upon the next job… Read More

Training Spotlight: Conflict Awareness in the Workplace and Introduction to Organizational Performance Measurement

Conflict Awareness in the Workplace, April 18: We all encounter difficult people. Whether you are a supervisor, a customer service professional, or have a challenging co-worker, it’s important to know how to rise above your initial emotional reaction and turn negative situations into positive outcomes. Topics include understanding why we label people as difficult, types of difficult people, tools and techniques for resolving issues, coping strategies for dealing with the effects of difficult people, and conflict management strategies. Register and learn more. Introduction to Organizational Performance Measurement, May 8: Have you ever struggled to create… Read More

Training Spotlight: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Emerging Leaders series and Communication and Problem-Solving Skills

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Emerging Leaders series, April 27-May 11: Emotional intelligence describes the ability to understand one’s own feelings, and that of groups, and how these emotions can influence motivation and behavior. Leaders who are emotionally intelligent foster safe environments, where employees feel comfortable to take calculated risks and to voice their opinions. Engage in interactive, hands-on self-evaluation and exercise to develop your emotional intelligence and become a respected and inspiring leader. Register and learn more. Communication and Problem-Solving Skills, June 19: This one day training will address communication and… Read More