Training Spotlight: Introduction to PeopleSoft Query and Supervision and Leadership Skills Series

Introduction to PeopleSoft Query, Oct 4: The Human Resources Division has scheduled training for the peopleSoft Query tool.This course is open to experienced PeopleSoft Query users who wish to learn how to create useful reports using PS Query. Learn more and register on Eventbrite. Supervision and Leadership Skills – Series, Oct 4: Develop your leadership, communication, motivation, and problem-solving skills with this workshop based series. Take all six sessions in the series to enhance your professional toolbox with skills useful in a variety of workplace situations. The series includes: Conflict Awareness, Developing Your Leadership Style, Communication Skills in the… Read More

Training Spotlight: Excel: Level 1 and Overview of the PeopleSoft Database

Excel: Level 1, Sept. 26: Learn techniques for entering data into cells, working with data, and using data tables more efficiently. Discover how to finish your workbook and how to navigate and get help in Excel 2013. This class will also cover basic techniques for filtering and limiting data that can be entered into individual cells. Learn more and register on Eventbrite. Overview of the PeopleSoft Database, Oct. 1: The Human Resources Division has scheduled training about the PeopleSoft Database. It is open to experienced PeopleSoft users who wish to learn about the data sets… Read More

Training Spotlight: Lean Problem-Solving and Stories that Lead

Lean Problem-Solving, Oct. 10: In order to effectively solve problems once and for all, they must be solved at the root. Participants I this course will learn basic A3 Problem Solving, the powerful method borrowed from the Toyota Production System (TPS), techniques to incorporate problem solving and continuous improvement in daily work and build on existing Lean practices within your organization. Learn more and register on Eventbrite. Stories that Lead, Oct. 18: This one-day class explores stories as creative strategies that can help you create a workplace—and a life—that inspires profound results.Through reflective processes and story sharing,… Read More

Training Spotlight: Introduction to Organizational Performance Measurement

If you have a desire to improve your skills and knowledge of organizational performance measurement, this course is for you. This introductory course is for participants who want to gain a practical understanding of organizational performance measurement. No prerequisites are required. Participants should come curious, ready to engage in exercises, and experiment with new concepts and ideas. Learn more and register on Eventbrite. Visit to learn more about trainings and other opportunities to invest in YOU!

Training Spotlight: Introduction to Organizational Performance Management

Have you ever struggled to create measures for your program? Do you ever find yourself getting lost in the sea of measurement jargon? Do you ever wonder why we even measure organizational performance? If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of these questions and have a desire to improve your skills and knowledge of organizational performance measurement, this course is for you! This training is being offered Tuesday, Sept. 11, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in room 560 of the Administration Building. Learn more and register on Eventbrite. There is also… Read More

Training Spotlight: Stories that Engage – Shaping Workplace Culture One Story at a Time

Our work culture is perfectly organized to give us the results we are currently experiencing. What if people seem to be disengaged, apathetic, or actively undermining a productive workplace? Without awareness, our natural storytelling talents can create a toxic culture of drama and dysfunction. But, with intent, we can shape stories that build psychological and emotional engagement. In this interactive, one-day class, attendees will: Learn why people disengage from work. Learn how to tap into the power of voice to connect with what we care about. Learn five tools to shape our… Read More

Training Spotlight: ArcGIS Fundamentals and Intermediate GIS Concepts

It’s time to register for training in Seattle to build your GIS skills. Face-to-face, instructor-led training builds a solid foundation in GIS to advance your career. The King County GIS Center is offering two-day ArcGIS Fundamentals in September and three-day Intermediate GIS Concepts in October. ArcGIS Fundamentals Overview ArcGIS is a powerful and complex tool for viewing and analyzing data. With so much functionality available in the software, it can be difficult to get started. This 2-day class teaches essential skills for being efficient with ArcGIS. Explore GIS data through ArcMap and create… Read More

Training Spotlight: Lean Basics

Have you heard about Lean? Have you wondered if Lean could be applied on your job? Come and join us in the Lean Basics course, where you will become familiar with the fundamental principles of Lean; such as Waste Identification, Visual Management, and Continuous Improvement. Students will engage the materials through instructor lead classroom discussions, and interactive hands-on learning. Objectives: Become familiar with the 4 key principles of Lean Learn why Lean is important to King County Recognize the beliefs and mindset that drive Lean behavior Apply Visual Management and Waste Elimination… Read More

Training Spotlight: Basic Data Visualization

Basic Data Visualization: Our ability to gather and collect data has steadily increased over the past decade. But data alone is not information and does not easily convey a compelling story. This half-day introductory course will allow participants to: Understand why data visualization is important Explore ways to tell a story with data Mock up data visualizations in whiteboard exercises, using tips explored in class Participants have the option of bringing their own measures to the training to review in small teams. Examples throughout the class will focus on performance measurement, although… Read More

Training Spotlight: King County Mentoring Program Lunch & Learn

Would you like to have a mentor, someone who can help you grow professionally? Do you want to strengthen your coaching skills? As a Mentee, you will have a trusted advisor who can help you navigate complex situations, and as a Mentor, you can uncover new or forgotten skills and build influence. If either interests you, join the County’s mentoring program by signing up for one of our monthly Lunch & Learn sessions to uncover more about mentoring and search for a Mentor! The next session takes place Aug. 9 at the… Read More