Training Spotlight: How to Navigate Amidst Overwhelming Times, Lean Basics and Introduction to Career Development

How to Navigate Amidst Overwhelming Times, Dec. 11: The King County Office of Equity and Social Justice is hosting a workshop that centers on the lived experiences of native employees and employees of color. This session will pay special attention to the intersection of trauma and oppression especially that of indigenous and people of color lived experience and background. This will be a large a cross disciplinary gathering that works towards building a critical mass of those striving for sustainability. Register and learn more, use password affinitygroup.  Lean Basics, Jan. 8: Have you heard about… Read More

Training Spotlight: Strengthening Our Health and Resiliency: Towards Belonging and Co- Liberation and How to Navigate Amidst Overwhelming Times

The King County Office of Equity and Social Justice is hosting two workshops that center on the lived experiences of native employees and employees of color.  Strengthening Our Health and Resiliency: Towards Belonging and Co- Liberation, Nov. 26-27: This training seeks to engage a smaller group of leadership of native employees and employees of color at King County. Using lived experience and frames based on belonging, co-liberation, and health, this session will support thinking through what ensuring transformative and racially equitabble programs and strategies could be. The two day session will be grounded in Embodying… Read More

Training Spotlight: Introduction to Career Development and Lean Basics

Introduction to Career Development, Dec. 10: In this workshop you will learn the key elements of career development, identify your individual interests and values as they relate to career options, explore similar job classifications, learn the importance of competencies when identifying career options, leverage tips for engaging in conversations with your leadership, and gain the knowledge of how to research and seize career opportunities. You will choose a partner and participate in various exercises together. Register and learn more.  Lean Basics, Jan. 8: Have you heard about Lean before? Have you wondered if Lean could… Read More

Training Spotlight: Report Writing and Document Design and Lominger Competency and Skill Assessment

Report Writing and Document Design, Nov. 14: Want to see immediate improvement in your report writing projects? Learn to write for specific audiences, design documents for readability and clarity, and write concisely using plain English guidelines. Discuss and share ideas in this interactive workshop and learn to produce reports, simple or complex, that grab attention and get results. Register and learn more. Register and learn more. Lominger Competency and Skill Assessment, Dec. 12: During this class, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your professional skills and generate a list of self-identified competencies that reflect your… Read More

CPR/AED Training registration available 

Registration is open to all King County employees for Basic CPR classes offered in the Chinook Building.  Classes cover Adult, Child and Infant CPR, AED, and Choking Rescue.  Spots are still open for the November class and classes in 2019. Wednesday, November 7 , 2018 from 9 a.m. to noon, Chinook Building, Room 126 Tuesday, January 29, 2019 from 1-4 p.m., Chinook Building, Room 126 Monday, February 11, 2019 from 1-4 p.m., Chinook Building, Room 126 To register, go to

Training Spotlight: Basic Data Visualization and Critical Thinking

Basic Data Visualization, Nov. 8: Our ability to gather and collect data has steadily increased over the past decade. But data alone is not information and does not easily convey a compelling story. This half-day introductory course will allow participants to understand why data visualization is important, explore ways to tell a story with data and mock up data visualizations in whiteboard exercises, using tips explored in class. Register and learn more. Critical Thinking, Nov. 8: Critical thinking is one of the most valued skills in today’s workplace. Employers need employees who can analyze situations,… Read More

Training Spotlight: Building Change Management and Effectiveness and Basic Data Visualization

Building Change Management and Effectiveness, Nov. 5: In this 2-day program and learning lab for change agents and teams responsible for stewarding a change initiative or program for their department or division, we will focus on the tools and processes necessary to produce change acceptance and help the initiative make progress. Designed for teams and team leaders responsible for making a change be successful, we will work through the Change Acceptance Process Model (CAP) and each team will directly apply the tools to their change project, thus making actual team progress over the two days. Rather… Read More

Training Spotlight: Communication skills in the workplace and Introduction to strategic planning

Communication Skills in the Workplace, Oct. 25: Communication skills are vital in today’s workplace. In this course you will identify the four primary communication styles, learn how to recognize your style as well as the styles of others, and how to overcome common communication roadblocks and barriers. Learn more and register Introduction to Strategic Planning, Nov 1: This training provides an overview of what strategic planning is, when and why to develop a strategic plan, and how it fits with other management systems and functions. The basic elements and processes used to develop a strategic… Read More

Training Spotlight: Advanced PeopleSoft Query, Developing Your Leadership Style and PeopleSoft for Agency Human Resource Professionals

Advanced PeopleSoft Query, Oct. 17: It is open to experienced PeopleSoft Query users who have completed the Intermediate PeopleSoft Query training. Topics covered will include subqueries (Exist/Not Exist, In List/Not In List, other condition types), the Case statement (If-Then-Else logic), union queries and outer joins, case studies (the “movement” queries and more) and aggregates (create and Q/C aggregate queries). Learn more and register at Eventbrite. Developing Your Leadership Style, Oct. 18: Learn how to capitalize on your personal leadership style to achieve workplace goals. In this course you will: Identify your leadership style through personal assessment; learn the… Read More

Training Spotlight: Intermediate to PeopleSoft Query and Advanced PeopleSoft Query

Intermediate to PeopleSoft Query, Oct. 9: It is open to experienced PeopleSoft Query users who have completed the Introduction to PeopleSoft Query training. Topics covered will include expressions and functions (operators, data fields, data conversion), complex criteria (use of Like, In List, condition types, grouping), the XLAT table (what is it, how it works), advanced prompts using prompt tables, simple unions and subqueries and case studies of interesting queries. Learn more and register on Eventbrite. Advanced PeopleSoft Query, Oct. 17: It is open to experienced PeopleSoft Query users who have completed the Intermediate PeopleSoft… Read More