KCLx 2021 art contest celebrates Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

The King County Latinx Affinity Group (KCLx) is excited to kick off a variety of events and discussions that celebrate the colorful and eclectic heritage of Latinx identity. KCLx is curious to ask the Latinx community, “What does this identity mean to you?” To answer this question, KCLx is launching the “What does LATINX mean to you?” Art Contest. This contest is an opportunity for participants to showcase their unique interpretation of Latinx/o, Chicanx/o, and Hispanic identity. KCLx wants participants to answer the question “We all share common stories, such as culture, heritage,… Read More

Recognizing King County CFJC food service employees

In celebration of National Food Service Employee Day on Sept. 25, the Children’s and Family Justice Center (CFJC) would like to recognize the food services team. The team provides CFJC youth all their nutritional needs and operate under the National School Lunch Program guidelines. They are being recognized for all their outstanding efforts during COVID-19, the winter snow in March, and for working diligently with minimal staffing levels, particularly throughout this year. Every challenge has been met with professionalism and pride, a desire for continuous improvement, and a passion to build on… Read More

Executive proclamation for 2021 Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month and events

King County Executive Dow Constantine has proclaimed the month beginning Sept. 15 “Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month” in King County. View the official proclamation here. National Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month is observed Sept. 15-Oct. 15 in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. This month is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the long, important presence and contributions of Hispanic and Latino and Latina (Latinx) Americans. More than 62 million people of Latinx ancestry live in the United States, with almost 220,000 calling King County home. To commemorate the celebration, the King County Latinx Affinity Group (KCLx) in collaboration… Read More

The CFJC Youth Action Team is now accepting applications

The Children and Family Justice Center (CFJC) Youth Action Team is an opportunity for young people ages 14 thru 18, from a variety of backgrounds, to come together to find and share their voices as it relates to community resources, planning, and engagement.  Who can apply? King county youth, ages 14 thru 18. No previous experience needed to be a member, only a willingness to get involved. Must possess a passion for taking an active approach to create a united community within King County. The Youth Action Team meets at the Child… Read More

What to do if contacted by media

If you are contacted by a member of the media in your professional capacity as a King County employee, you should know what steps to take and who to reach out to in your department. Your first point of contact should always be your department’s Public Information Officer, who can work with the reporter to answer their questions and connect them with the best person to represent the county on an issue. We have put together a brief reference guide to help you if you are contacted by a member of the… Read More

Street and sidewalk closures around City Hall Park

A series of street, lane, and sidewalk closures will commence Friday, August 13, around City Hall Park as the City of Seattle prepares to close the park and begin restoration at the site. For the past six weeks, a County and City-funded contractor called the JustCARE program has been working with the 50-plus people living in the park, located just south of the King County Courthouse, to help them move voluntarily to safer and more sustainable shelter options. This includes individual safety and shelter plans for each person. As of today, almost… Read More

Happy New Year: Somewhere over the rainbow, where bluebirds fly

We acknowledge this year has been a challenging one, for so many of our employees and residents. Together we find strength and take comfort in knowing that as Israel Kamakawiwoʻole sings “Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly, and the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true.” The first step to a positive, and hopeful 20201, is to wish for and dream of this change. Through this we will be able to recognize our highs and lows, and work through them. It won’t be easy, but what worthwhile dream isn’t… Read More

Airport outreach incorporates equity and social justice 

Crossposted from DES Express  The team at King County International Airport – Boeing Field (KCIA) have been updating its master plan, a comprehensive study required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that describes the airport’s short, medium, and long-term sustainable development goals, alternatives, and plans.  “Because the airport is such a big aspect of the neighborhoods surrounding it, we knew we wanted to be good neighbors and do more than just a single open house for our outreach,” said Kevin Nuechterlein, Capital Projects Manager at KCIA. Diverse neighborhoods around the airport include Georgetown, South… Read More

Hope and Joy Campaign: January 6 Coffee Connection 

As part of the Hope and Joy Campaign, the Balanced You team is hosting a series of virtual zoom sessions, called “Coffee Connections”, to provide spaces for employees to connect over fun topics and events. The next Coffee Connection’s theme is “New Year’s Resolutions.” Join us then to share your intentions or themes for 2021, or hear others’ plans to get inspired.  It will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 6, from 10-10:30 a.m. Join the Zoom meeting at this link, using passcode 618235.  Check out other upcoming Coffee Connections on the Balanced You Blog here. 

What we know (and a few things we don’t) about COVID-19 vaccines: a conversation with Dr. Jeff Duchin  

Crossposted from Public Health Insider  Two COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized for emergency use by the FDA and the first shipments have arrived in King County.    In this interview, Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Seattle & King County Public Health, answers common questions such as… Who is getting the first shots? How effective are the new vaccines? What are mRNA vaccines and how do they work? What kind of common side effects do the vaccines have? What about the severe allergic reactions that the news has reported in a handful of people? Read more.