Receiving a replacement vaccination card

To provide verification of vaccine status, employees need to show official documentation. If you have lost your vaccination card, there are several ways to receive a replacement card or official document: Look up your vaccination from Washington State Department of Health’s “My Immunization Registry” (MyIR). If you have registered, log in to MyIRto look up your vaccination record, and then print or take a screenshot or photo of the information. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for MyIR any time. Use the mobile version of WA state’s immunization registry, MyIRmobile to… Read More

Using the online Security Incident Report form and staying safe at work

Every King County employee should feel safe and secure when at work. To achieve this, we remind you to report any threatening behavior or non-emergency incidents for follow-up to the FMD Security Unit using the online Security Incident Report form. You can report incidents that happen at work or on your commute. Also notify your supervisor, manager, and/or director as soon as you can. Additionally, if you see anything or anyone that looks unusual or out of place, please call Facilities Management Division (FMD) Security at 206-296-5000. If it’s an emergency, call 9-1-1 first, then call… Read More

Take care working outdoors during hot weather

(Updated August 12, 2021) Hot weather has arrived with temperatures into the high 90s now upon us. It’s important to take steps to stay cool while continuing to follow mask requirements and public health guidance. Some of our work needs to be performed outdoors. Executive Branch departments should evaluate planned field work to determine if this work can be postponed to a later time when temperatures moderate, where possible. If work must be performed, departments should attempt to adapt schedules wherever possible so work can be performed in the morning. This week’s forecast calls for:… Read More

Tips to stay cool

Originally posted in the Department of Executive Services Express With temperatures already forecast to be above normal this week, keep these tips in mind to stay cool: Keep window blinds or curtains closed when outdoor temperatures skyrocket. This reduces indoor temps and reduces the strain on the HVAC equipment. Keep windows and doors closed in locations with HVAC. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The county recommends against using indoor fans, as they can create “hot zones” in other places in the building and can create a fire hazard. Please don’t block or manipulate air… Read More

Future of Work: Return To In-Person Work

Building on what we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, King County has developed an employee accessible intranet site, The Future of Work, focused on tools, resources, and information. The site helps provide answers to common questions and will be regularly updated with more news and resources. One section, titled Return To In-Person Work, explains in more detail teleworking updates, vaccine and mask guidelines, and answers several frequently asked questions. Although mandatory telework for many employees ended on July 5, 2021, this does not mean everyone will immediately come back to their worksites…. Read More

Take care working outdoors during extreme heat

Our region will once again experience extremely hot weather tomorrow, and high temperatures are expected to continue before moderating later in the week. Some of our work needs to be performed outdoors. Executive Branch departments should evaluate planned field work to determine if this work can be postponed to later in the week when temperatures are expected to moderate, where possible. If work must be performed, departments should attempt to adapt schedules wherever possible so work can be performed in the morning.  Please see the following guidance and tips (this guidance applies to… Read More

Be prepared for cold temperatures, snow, and ice

Snow is forecast for our region this week with extremely cold temperatures and icy road conditions expected, so please be prepared for possible commute delays and impacts to business operations. If you work onsite, please be prepared for cold weather. Have a plan for your commute, dress warmly, and let safety be your guide when making commute decisions. If you drive, have an emergency kit in your vehicle, including extra clothing, food, water, and a flashlight. Also, make sure your mobile phone is fully charged. Please remember to wear a mask at… Read More

Moving to Teams: Making 911 calls on the right phone 

When employees are working remotely, or teleworking (i.e. not at a King County location), and need to call 911, they are reminded to use their home phone or cell phone – not their Teams phone or Skype phone if possible – to place their 911 call.  When employees use Teams or Skype to call 911 when not in a King County building, the call is first routed to a regional 911 center in Colorado, where the employee will need to provide their location before being transferred to the correct local 911 center. While the… Read More

October 15: Participate in the ShakeOut drill and KCInform employee alert test 

On Oct. 15 at 10:15 a.m., millions of people will practice how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On during an earthquake as a part of the annual ShakeOut drill.   As part of the ShakeOut drill, at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 15, we will test KCInform, our employee alert and warning system. A text, voice message, and email will go out to all registered County phones and emails, along with personal phones and emails that have registered. The message will look like this:  This is a test of KCInform, King County’s employee emergency notification system. This is only a test. Remember to Drop, Cover… Read More

Want to get employee emergency notifications? Sign-up for KCInform 

During an emergency having timely information on what is happening is critical. King County employees can sign-up for KCInform, the employee alert and warning system, to receive information on incidents that can affect their work and safety.   King County will conduct a test of KCInform at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 15, alongside the annual ShakeOut drill to test earthquake preparedness. KCInform is used to reach County employees during an emergency with timely information about infrastructure disruptions, facility impacts, changes in your department’s business operations, and other critical impacts. Your King County desk phone and email are already in the… Read More