Success at work!

This article is featured courtesy of Karla Lynch, Employment and Community Access Program Manager, with Department of Community and Human Services When we think about our careers, and how we landed in our present jobs, we recognize that each path is unique. The same is true for persons with developmental disabilities (DD). In the early days of the supported employment movement, most people who experienced a developmental disability worked in sheltered workshops – segregated settings in which persons with DD worked together, typically performing a variety of manual tasks. As we’ve learned more about how to… Read More

Celebrating Disability Awareness Month

This October King County is celebrating Disability Awareness Month and taking the opportunity to recognize the many contributions of people with disabilities to our workforce and our communities.  King County provides many programs and services – such as easier access to public transit, greater access to parks, facilities and trails, housing assistance and improvement programs, and Accessible Voting Centers – to help people with disabilities bring their unique contributions to our communities and live fulfilling and rewarding lives.  King County Executive Dow Constantine and the Metropolitan King County Council proclaimed the month of October as Disability… Read More

County resources help employee find the right job

Sometimes you get a second chance. When Sean Porter started his career at King County, he had a completely different job. For the first eight months, things went well. But then the pressures grew – along with the workplace distractions.   It was soon discovered that Sean had a very treatable medical condition. After working with a trusted supervisor, along with Disability Services, he was able to locate a new job as a Maintenance Planner Scheduler/Transit Administrative Specialist II at Rail. Though it’s never easy to switch jobs, he credits the help of… Read More

Keeping employees safe delivers cost savings

“Prevention is the best cure” might sound like a cliché but it’s an important part of keeping King County employees safe at work and decreasing injury-related costs. King County’s Safety and Claims section is implementing a multifaceted approach to reduce costs on workers compensation claims and lost work days as a result of occupational injuries and illnesses, and their efforts are delivering an estimated $7 million in annual savings in liabilities – funds that can go to providing services to more customers. “It’s not any one thing in isolation that is moving… Read More

Breaking down barriers with Supported Employment: Ting Chou

Ting Chou is a 17-year King County employee in the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention whose positive attitude and work ethic spreads sunshine through the correctional facility walls. Ting is a supported employee through King County’s Supported Employment Program, which matches job seekers with developmental disabilities to jobs by identifying efficiencies and unmet needs throughout King County government. He is proud of everything the program has helped him to achieve. “If you set a goal for it then you can accomplish a lot of new goals and achievements,” said Ting. Watch the short video below… Read More

The Kitsap County Civilian Navy visits King County to learn about Supported Employment

In June 2016, King County hosted the Kitsap County Civilian Navy to share best practices about supported employment in order to assist them to grow and develop their own Supported Employment Program. During the Navy’s visit they toured the workplaces of three employees: Jennifer in DES Records and Licensing Division, Tony in DPH Financial and Administrative section, and Kirsten in DCHS Community Services Division, who showcased their work. Debra Wood, Kirsten’s supervisor, states, “It’s been wonderful to see Kirsten grow. [The Supported Employment Program] is a terrific! I want everybody who has… Read More

The Annual Employee Giving Drive and Disability Awareness Month

The County’s 2016 Annual Employee Giving Drive continues, and this year’s goal is to raise $1.82 million. King County employees have donated $286,165.44 so far, bringing the drive to 15.7% of the goal! The Employee Giving Program is a philanthropic resource for King County employees that benefits county employees by providing prescreened nonprofits, allowing you to plan your giving, making it possible for you to donate time (vacation or compensatory hours), and offering anonymity. In observance of King County’s Disability Awareness Month, the following are four nonprofits serving the King County area… Read More

Inclusion Works!

In observation of King County’s Disability Awareness Month, we would like to highlight a success story in progress …and an employer who is taking steps to ensure a more inclusive and diverse workforce that recognizes the professional contributions of individuals with behavioral health disabilities. Meet Nick… Nick is an Inventory Specialist at Amazon who ensures that multiple Amazon locations are fully stocked with supplies for his hard-working colleagues. He recently celebrated nine months as a full time Amazonian, and has received praise from his supervisors. Nick moved to Seattle in 2006, looking… Read More

County recognizes and celebrates value of workers with disabilities, proclaimed October Disability Awareness Month

As the Metropolitan King County Council declared October as Disability Employment Awareness Month in King County, the Council celebrated the talents and contributions of county employees with temporary or permanent disabilities serving the public. “Families and communities within King County are enriched by the diversity and perspective of those living with a disability,” said Council Chair Joe McDermott. “We must continue to strive to address the injustices that linger and remove the barriers that remain, so that all lives are equally valued, no matter ability.” In addition to the Council’s reading of… Read More

Paratransit/Rideshare Operations Manager steering program to meet rider needs

Imagine being unable to take a bus because of a disability. Riders without disabilities can take it for granted, but riders with disabilities do not. For those riders with disabilities who can’t take their trip on the bus, there is Access, King County Metro’s ADA paratransit service. It is a demand response, shared ride transit service that picks riders up and takes them to their destination. It operates during the same times and days as the bus does and riders can use it to go anywhere as they would the bus. With… Read More