Five Questions with Dr. Mickey Eisenberg, Co-Director, Center for the Evaluation of EMS, Public Health

Dr. Mickey Eisenberg
1. What does your role with the Center for the Evaluation of EMS involve? I am co-director of CEEMS along with Dr. Tom Rea and Dr. Peter Kudenchuk. We supervise all federally and other funded evaluation projects.

2. What do you like most about your job? I work with amazingly bright, energetic and dedicated people. We are all passionate about improving our emergency medical services.

3. What is the biggest challenge in your job? Finding time to ride with firefighters, paramedics, and listen in at 911 communication centers.

4. King County’s cardiac survival rate is now up to 62 percent, considered highest in the world. How have Public Health employees helped achieve this? There is no simple answer to your question. Our high survival rate is due to citizens who recognize cardiac arrest, know to call 911, start CPR, telecommunicators who provide telephone CPR instructions, firefighters who start or take over CPR and provide defibrillatory shocks, paramedics who provide advanced life support, hospitals who provide post resuscitation care. It takes a system to save a victim of cardiac arrest.

5. What can any employee do to be ready to help someone suffering cardiac arrest? Learn how to do CPR. Find out how.