Five Questions with Jameelah Cage, Training Coordinator, Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention

Jameelah Cage1. What was your first role at King County? I started my career with King County Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention close to 15 years ago as a Juvenile Detention Officer.

2. What does your work as DAJD Training Coordinator involve? As the Training Coordinator, I am responsible for scheduling, conducting, monitoring, evaluating and coordinating trainings for employees within the Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention, specifically the Juvenile Division. Within this position it is important that I research and fully understand national standards and best practices in the field of corrections to create training curriculums that will allow our employees to be properly trained in their areas of expertise.

3. What do you like most about your job? What I like most about my job is the opportunity to provide information to employees that will increase their knowledge base, and provide information to them that will allow for growth. I also love the atmosphere, and my coworkers!

4. What is the biggest challenge in your job? There are two challenges that come to mind:

  1. as a Training Coordinator I am responsible for scheduling trainings for Juvenile Corrections Officers who work in a field that operates 24/7,  and includes 130 employees who work multiple shift.
  2. Another challenge is tracking due to all employees not being required to complete the same trainings; trainings are also required at different stages (one time only, annually, every other year, etc.).

5. How did you make the transition from your first role at County to Training Coordinator? Making the transition from Juvenile Detention Officer to Training Coordinator was actually very rewarding due to the fact that I was able to offer great support to the Training Unit coming from a position that I would assist in creating training curriculums for. Having the basic knowledge of the daily functions of the juvenile detention center allows for me to provide the staff with training that would benefit them the most. The biggest challenge has been finding something to wear on a daily basis because I’m no longer in a uniform!