Five Questions with Mei Barker, Human Resource Analyst, Human Resources Division

Mei Barker - Copy1. What was your first role with King County? My first role with King County was to provide administrative support to the Public Health Tuberculosis Control Program, mainly processing billing reconciliations and special projects. About a year later I began my career in Human Resources with Superior Court.

2. What do you do in your role with Human Resources Division (HRD)? I handle the civil service recruitments for the Sheriff’s Office, as a member of the Compensation and Employment Services Section of HRD.

3. How is the process for hiring Sheriff’s Office employees different to other agencies? 

Well, not only do we have employment laws and King County processes and procedures to abide by, but we also have the Civil Service Rules that we must adhere to as well. I have found, in my short time handling these recruitments that they are very different from other county recruitments I have done. It’s intricate and I am learning a lot.

4. What is the biggest challenge in your job? Though I know them to be necessary, at the same time they are the biggest challenge for me – the civil service rules.

5. What do you like most about your job? I enjoy the people and the ability to make changes.