We’re hiring and training drivers, reducing canceled trips

rob-gannon-metro-transit-interim-general-managerCrossposted from Metro Matters

(Editor’s Note: This blog post includes a message from Metro Transit Interim General Manager Rob Gannon, followed below by a detailed accounting by Operations Manager Ted Harris, who outlines Metro’s efforts to hire drivers during our time of growth. Learn about the opportunity to #DriveForMetro.)

At Metro Transit, we strive to provide safe, reliable and consistent transit service. We know that hundreds of thousands of riders depend on us every day to get to work, to school, to shopping, and to an amazing variety of locations. And we take it to heart whenever we’re falling short of our customers’ expectations.

Due to a shortage of bus operators, we’ve seen a spike this summer in commute trip cancellations that has made it difficult for some of you to travel reliably using Metro. We provide about 12,000 weekday bus trips and though the number of canceled trips represents a small fraction of that, riders count on us to provide our service as scheduled – and the number of cancellations has been unacceptable.

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