Kudos! Supportive supervisor sets up yoga for employees at Columbia Dental Clinic

The following message was received by Dental Assistant Geniece Kinney in praise of her supervisor for being thoughtful of employees health and well being.

I wanted to give a big shout out to my supervisor, Deborah DeQuier Bowden. She partnered with one of our community partners, Tiger Lilly Yoga. She has made it possible for some of our dental staff to take yoga for lunch two times a week at our site. Our job can be very stressful and we are learning to use mindful tools to lessen the impact to our lives.  

I’d like to send out a huge KUDOS to her for making this possible. The owner of the Tiger Lilly studio, Emily Iverson comes to our site twice a week to teach us breathing and stretching. When Deborah used to supervise the North Dental Clinic I heard through the grapevine by other dental assistants that she brought a yoga instructor into that clinic as well. This kind of effort should be commended!

Kudos to Deborah Dequier Bowden for going above and beyond to meet employee needs!