From the Hip: Barb Miner, Director, Department of Judicial Administration

barbheadshotSupervisors or Super Heroes?

Who is instrumental in choosing the next new King County employee?  Who inspires employees to be engaged, makes sure they are trained, and gets them the resources they need to accomplish their job?  Who ensures daily operations are managed and weekly and monthly goals get met? Whose presence and efforts helps create an environment here in King County that is welcoming and comfortable for employees and customers alike?  Who does all of this plus so much more? THE SUPERVISORS!  Or maybe we should call them the SUPER HEROES, because they clearly have super powers that help them get the job done.

We expect a lot from our supervisors.  And they do a lot for us.  We want them to have expertise in their section’s subject areas.  We require them to be knowledgeable of King County and departmental policies and procedures.  We need them to successfully carry out our department’s mission and vision, and to work well with the other sections and divisions in this Department and the other Departments in the County.  And, we expect them to be the face of the Department and the County to their staff and to our customers.   Having a well-trained, high performing and well respected team of supervisors is critical to every department’s success.  I’m grateful for the talented group we have here in DJA.

Our Department’s supervisors are responsible for a wide range of staff teams and they generally direct multiple bodies of work on behalf of our department.   They show skill in a variety of things, such as telepathy, teleportation, shape-shifting, elasticity and leaping tall buildings in a single bound.  Together they are a justice league of do-gooders, working their magic on behalf of this department.

King County’s supervisors are a hard working group of employees who may not always get the attention they deserve.  Today in DJA we are recognizing our 11 supervisors with a special lunch and appreciation event hosted by the management team.  It’s our pleasure to take the time to acknowledge them and thank them for all they do.  Join us by recognizing those hard working supervisors in your department.