Kudos! Metro Transit creates lasting friendships

The following kudos was received August 9 and is from a longtime King County Metro rider: 

I’ve been riding Metro bus lines for 11 years. I commute to and from work on the 121 or 122 every day. About a year ago, I met a nice woman on my evening commute on route 122. We sat next together sharing only our route time in common and quickly became best buddies. Our friendship grew outside our commute time together, and this past weekend I participated in her wedding. When other guests asked how I knew the bride I chuckled when I said “Metro Route 122”. I know that you folks likely get lots of complaints in a day because it’s a challenge to commute without control in your ride. But I wanted to share this warm story because something magical sometimes happens in those traffic jams, and friendships are formed. 

Kudos to our Metro operators and Transit employees who help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere on board all King County transportation!