Kudos! Courteous Metro Transit driver provides outstanding customer service 

The following kudos was received June 12 and is from a King County Metro rider: 

Driving a bus is not an easy job with the traffic, so when you encounter a driver who goes beyond the job it needs to be acknowledged.  

So with that in mind I would like to bring to your attention the driver [Andrea Abbott] I had this afternoon who not only drove the bus in a safe and efficient manner but also provided the kind of customer service you like to receive; each passenger was greeted as they boarded with a smile and an hello and she made you very welcome; a couple of passengers including myself has several questions on the reroute that is currently on the # 372 and she answered those questions to our satisfaction.  

She represents Metro Transit in a very professional manner and I would like to acknowledge that. 

Kudos to Metro operator Andrea Abbott for providing riders with a professional, courteous transit experience!