Drug court judge helps people get back on the road to recovery

Crossposted from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Facebook

For years, Judge James Cayce presided over mostly criminal trials: Child rapes. Murders. One family torture trial stretched out over four months, but despite the difficult nature of the crimes, Judge Cayce enjoyed the work. When the opportunity came along to preside over Drug Court, Judge Cayce hesitated.

“I didn’t want to do drug court at first, but Judge Carey asked me to do Drug Court on Fridays in Kent, so I sat in a couple of times…and I loved it,” he recalls. In January, Judge Cayce took on the full-time role as a judge for Drug Court in both Seattle and Kent.

“So many people come to us with nothing left. They are homeless. They’ve lost their kids and family. They haven’t worked in years and their whole life revolves around their next fix. Slowly, we can turn their whole life around,” he said.

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