Employee development through Special Duty Assignments

At King County, Special Duty Assignments (SDA) create opportunities for employees who wish to hone their current skills and add new ones to their resume.

Such is the case for one King County employee; Public Health Administrative Specialist Donna Rodgers-Yates has been with King County for more than 20 years, and in June Donna took on a SDA with King County Information Technology as a Human Resources Associate.

“Opportunity for personal and professional growth prompted me to take on a SDA,” Donna said. “After gathering more information about other departments and exploring other areas, I thought about IT; I like that IT supports all of King County, and they work tirelessly to provide excellent customer service.”

Career advancement and skill development are key goals of the County’s Investing in You strategy, and Special Duty Assignments are integral to this work by providing immersive learning opportunities.

For the last few months, Donna has been learning the ropes of working at KCIT in HR, and while she is accustomed to some of the Microsoft programs and software, she admits that there is a learning curve. “HR is a very dynamic area in itself, and a great challenge,” Donna said. “In the Health department we use some of the same systems in Microsoft, but with more of a billing system functionality.”

This dynamic work environment is fostering continuous learning opportunities for Donna that she can apply to her work in any department. “This environment is very fast paced, and I am challenged to sharpen my skills continuously,” Donna said. “I’m still learning – there are so many parts to HR and something new to be learned each day.” In a KCIT, Donna has been enhancing her problem solving skills and decision making abilities.

Donna began exploring the many pathways to career advancement in meetings and employee development training sessions where she became exposed to different areas of work in King County.

“King County has not stopped investing in me,” Donna said. “I owe this opportunity to the Administrative Professional Advisory Committee created by the Executive to foster advancement among Administrative Specialists. I am an Admin Spec. that has worked for the County for more than 20 years, and now I’m on a SDA in KCIT HR as an HR Associate.  I hope that I am only the first of many Administrative Specialists in the County who are given the opportunity to advance.”

“Special duty assignments are awesome,” Donna said.

Thank you Donna for your commitment to King County and its residents you serve. Your work does not go unnoticed.