Two of our firefighters render medical aid on cross-country flight

Crossposted from The Centerline

Pictured: From left, Graydon Matheson and Seth Grant.

Our Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Unit staff members are trained to respond to emergencies on the airfield, but helping with a medical emergency in midair is a different story.

On Sept. 21, King County Sheriff’s Office deputies Seth Grant and Graydon Matheson were returning from a conference in Louisville, Ky., aboard an Alaska Airlines flight from Chicago. A flight attendant asked over the intercom if there were any medically trained passengers aboard.

Grant and Matheson immediately responded, as did an ER doctor who also happened to be aboard. An 81-year-old man had collapsed and stopped breathing in the front of the aircraft. The three provided continuous CPR while the pilot made an emergency landing in Spokane, where medics were waiting at the airport.

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