Kelly Washington wins 2017 Northwest Regional CIT Award 

Shared from the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention’s SharePoint site

Pictured: Corrections Technician Kelly Washington at work in KCCF.

On Oct. 4, DAJD Corrections Technician Kelly Washington won the Non-Commissioned Staff of the Year award at the 7th Annual Northwest Regional Crisis Intervention Team Conference, held in Bend OR.

This was the first year for this particular award, and Kelly bested the competition with her outstanding work with the general public and her work with the inmate population.

Kelly’s nomination letter said, “She is the beating heart of the intake, transfer and release section of the King County Jail. She keeps our moral up and is good for our operations in just about everything she does. She is greatly loved by staff and co-workers, and even the inmates like her. I can’t think of a better more deserving person to be recognized by King County.”

Congratulations Kelly Washington on this outstanding accomplishment and recognition!

Several other DAJD team members were also nominated for Northwest Regional Crisis Intervention Team awards this year:

  • Officer Brandon Johnson, 2017 CIT Corrections Officer of the Year nominee
  • Officer Yuliya Hall, 2017 CIT Corrections Officer of the Year nominee
  • Officer Roy Sprague, 2017 CIT Corrections Officer of the Year nominee
  • Officer Justin Poe, 2017 Crisis Intervention Team Instructor/Trainer of the Year nominee

“I was complimented by conference attendees in the number of nominees DAJD received and the work that is done on a daily basis in the jail,” said Sgt. Dean Owens, who attended the conference in Oregon.

Congratulations to all of the DAJD staff members recognized by the Northwest Regional Crisis Intervention Team for your excellent work!