Prosecuting Attorney’s Office profile: Sean Goode

If you wanted to create a profile for the type of kid who would end up involved in drugs, in gangs, in the juvenile justice system, Executive Director of the Choose 180 Program Sean Goode says the description would match his childhood.  

Both of Sean’s parents struggled with mental health diseases: his father with schizophrenia; his mother with a personality disorder. His drug-and-alcohol-dependent father was also highly abusive. 

“We left my father when I was 8,” Sean says. “I lived in 12 different places in 12 different years of school. As a result, I dealt with a whole lot of issues, including suicide attempts when I was small.” 

Sean’s sister ran away from home. His brother was sent to juvenile prison as an early teenager for murder. Despite all the factors that might also have landed Sean in the juvenile justice system, Sean’s life took a different turn.  

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