‘Tools to not only succeed, but to soar;’ Bus driver’s art honors Metro, MLK Jr. 

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To say that Heidi Barack loves working for Metro calls for all caps. She LOVES working for Metro!

“I’ve never felt so welcome, or worked in a place where people wanted so much for me to succeed,” she said.

Heidi is a transit operator and the artist behind two Martin Luther King Jr. portraits on display in the Metro General Manager’s Office. She was inspired to use bus transfer slips to create the portraits.

“King County’s Martin Luther King Jr. logo is something we all stand for.”

Heidi was hired as a part-time transit operator in December 2015, and went full-time in 2016. These days she drives RapidRide C, D and E lines. In the past, you’ve seen her on route 106 and as an ORCA boarding assistant in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel.

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