National magazine spotlights King County employee and journey to WTD lab 

Process laboratory specialist Suzanne Potts at the King County West Point Treatment laboratory on Friday November 3, 2017, in Seattle, Washington. (PHOTO by Stephen Brashear)

Suzanne Potts, a Laboratory Specialist in the Wastewater Treatment Division at South Plant, was recently featured in a profile piece in Treatment Plant Operator magazine.  

‘Studying to be a dentist didn’t light a fire of enthusiasm for Suzanne Potts, but it did ignite her love of chemistry and the laboratory. She switched to environmental science. 

An associate degree in environmental science from University of Washington enabled Potts to work for an environmental analytical lab. When it closed in 1994, Potts found what she thought was a temporary job at the King County Wastewater Treatment Division South Plant in Renton, Washington. “What began as an accident — I never expected to be hired — turned out to be a great career,” she says. “I found the lab work interesting, intricate, and complex.”’ 

Read more at Treatment Plant Operator magazine. Image courtesy of TPO magazine.