Interview with Titus Chembukha, Data Resource Quality Specialist

Shared from the DCHS Touching Base Newsletter

What do you do in the Department of Community and Human Services?

I am the Data Resource Quality Specialist for DCHS. I work with a range of internal and external stakeholders to improve the Behavioral Health and Recovery Division (BHRD) data resources and lead division efforts to increase the value of mental health, substance use disorder and prevention services data to end users. I provide technical expertise on all aspects of data resources to the department, division and contracted providers. I develop reports for analysis, evaluation and program planning. On a day to day basis if I am not responding to data requests from stakeholders, identifying data quality issues or initiating new programs in our system, I will be having conversations with my colleagues on how to improve our data systems. Currently DCHS is working on various data integration projects as we move towards DCHS-PH data integration.

What’s something about yourself that people may not know?

I was born by the Kenyan Coast close to the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean. Every Sunday after the service I would find myself swimming in the ocean or playing some water games. This changed after I joined a boarding high school over 600 miles away from home. I found myself changing hobbies from swimming to playing chess, Scrabble, soccer and rugby. While in high school I participated in the Inter house Rugby competition in which our house won. Currently I am married with three boys and mostly watch basketball and soccer premier league games.

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