Interview with Katherine King, DCHS Business and Finance Officer III 

Shared from the DCHS Touching Base Newsletter

What do you do in DCHS?

I am a Business and Finance Officer for the Community Services Operating Fund and the Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy. For these funds I assist with the development of the budget, review expenditures for budget compliance, track and analyze expenditures against the budget to assist project managers with strategic decision-making, and I prepare financial reports for both internal and external stakeholders. I also review contracts and conduct site visits with our contractors to test for fiscal compliance.

What’s something about yourself that people may not know?

Growing up in snowy, cold New England my parents wanted their kids to be involved in a winter sport to make sure we stayed active when we couldn’t spend much time outside. I took figure skating lessons for several years and then switched over to playing ice hockey when a girls league was formed in a nearby town. I haven’t played hockey since high school but I still enjoy ice skating and watching hockey in my free time!

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