Metro managers who #RideTransit: Diane Carlson

Shared from Employee Transportation Program

In observance of Ride Transit Month, the Employee Transportation Program is chatting with four Metro managers about their transit commutes, and sharing any advice they’d like to pass along to new riders.

First up is Diane Carlson, who became Metro’s Director of Capital Projects in February. Carlson lives along the SR-520 corridor, about three quarters of a mile from the Yarrow Point freeway bus stop.

“I’m lucky,” says Carlson. “I can get on any bus. I can catch a bus to the train at the University of Washington, or I’ll ride any bus that’s coming from the Eastside through downtown Seattle.”

Carlson adds that, with traffic problems increasing for buses on SR-520, on I-5, and downtown, she finds the bus-train connection at the UW to be more consistent than an all-bus trip.

Asked how she decides which option to take on a given day, she says she takes the first one that comes by after she gets to the bus stop, “Unless the traffic looks really bad. Then I’ll wait for a bus that’s going to the UW.”

What does Carlson like most about her transit commute? “I like the walk to the bus, and then I like being able to get work done,” she said. “Or, if I’m really lucky, I get to read something for fun!”

Her best advice for new riders is to use an app that provides real-time arrival information, adding, “I use One Bus Away all the time.”

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