Metro managers who #RideTransit: Terry White

Shared from the Employee Transportation Program

In honor of #RideTransit month, we’re talking with four Metro managers about their transit commutes and any advice they’d like to pass along to new riders.

Deputy General Manager Terry White has several options for his transit commute. He lives in the Soos Creek area south of Renton, and likes to walk north to Fairwood to catch Route 102 into Seattle – or walk south about the same distance to catch Route 157. Either walk is about one and a half to two miles, so he gets a little exercise. He may also drive north to the Renton Highlands and take the Route 111 or Route 114 bus.

“And some days, I’m just interested in catching something different because I work here,” White says with a smile. That can include driving to Tukwila to take heavy or light rail (Sounder or Link), even though these — especially Link at the Tukwila International Boulevard station — involve more driving.

White grew up locally in a car-free home. “We rode the bus everywhere,” he says, rattling off examples, “the zoo, museums, the fair, church.” Today, he finds riding less stressful than driving and says, in most cases, it takes about the same amount of time once you factor in finding a place to park and getting from there to your destination.

His transit commutes allow him to check and respond to emails, getting his work day started on the way in and finishing it on the way out. If he’s all caught up, he may browse the news or catch a nap.

His suggestion for people who haven’t tried transit? “Find an alternative way to get to work and give it a shot, I would say for at least a month, and see if it helps your disposition,” said White. “If you do it for just one day, you may have a bad experience and decide it’s not for you. But if you can go a month, I think you’ll see the true value of transit.”