Metro managers who #RideTransit: Bill Bryant

Shared from the Employee Transportation Program

In observance of #RideTransit Month, we talked with four Metro managers about their transit commutes and any advice they’d like to pass along to new riders.

Metro’s Managing Director of Service Development Bill Bryant is our fourth and final feature, and he regularly rides Routes 15, 18, 40, and the D Line to work from his home in Ballard. Most of the time, he takes the bus both ways, but he also describes himself as a “fair-weather bicyclist” who puts his bike on the bus’ rack in the morning and rides it home at the end of the day. “It’s great exercise and forces me to put my phone away for a while,” he says.

“I estimate that I’ve ridden Metro about fifteen thousand times in the last twenty years,” Bryant says. “I went about four years without a car—with kids and no car. The only reason I got a car was that I had to take my mom’s car away, and I had to keep it to drive her around.”

He likes riding the bus for a lot of reasons. “I really like that you are a part of the community,” says Bryant. “I like that it’s available to everyone, and I like that it’s the most environmentally friendly means of motorized travel.”

When commuting on the bus, Bryant usually spends his time working or catching up on the news, but he also finds opportunities to connect with people. “I have some really good conversations with colleagues, both from Metro and elsewhere, after running into them on the bus,” Bryant says.

His advice to new riders is to think about how to use their new time? “Driving time is lost time,” he explains. “Time on the bus can be newly available time.”

“I would say, with current technology, you can do almost anything on the bus!”