Employees recognized for service by Executive, Council

Congratulations to all of the employees who were recognized at Monday’s Service Awards ceremony in County Council chambers:

Denise Ainslie, 30 years, Transportation


Denise Ainslie 0718ServiceAwards029

Lucky Auster, 25 years, Natural Resources and Parks

Lucky Auster 0718ServiceAwards021.jpg

Laurie Becker, 20 years, Public Health

Laurie Becker 0718ServiceAwards042.jpg

David Bedinger, 25 years, Adult and Juvenile Detention

David Bedinger 0718ServiceAwards013.jpg

Rebecca Benson, 20 years, Public Health

Rebecca Benson 0718ServiceAwards033

Larry Brown, 30 years, Public Health

Larry Brown 0718ServiceAwards036

Judi Chapman, 20 years, Executive Services

Judi Chapman 0718ServiceAwards006

Erica Jacobs, 20 years, Natural Resources and Parks

Erica Jacobs 0718ServiceAwards014.jpg

Larry Jaramillo, 30 years, Transportation

Larry Jaramillo 0718ServiceAwards027

Keith Keller, 40 years, Public Health

Keith Keller 0718ServiceAwards039

Larry Moore, 25 years, Transportation

Larry Moore 0718ServiceAwards031.jpg

Michael Meins, 40 years, Permitting and Environmental Review

Michael Meins 0718ServiceAwards023-Edit

Mark Menghi, 30 years, Information Technology

Mark Menghi 0718ServiceAwards025

Donna Miscolta, 30 years, Natural Resources and Parks

Donna Miscolta 0718ServiceAwards018

Jon Jahmal Poston, 25 years, Executive Services


Jake Richards, 20 years, Natural Resources and Parks

Jake Richards 0718ServiceAwards017

Anne Shinoda-Mettler, 30 years, Public Health

Anne Shinoda-Mettler 0718ServiceAwards037

Ricardo Vinueza, 30 years, Executive Services

Ricardo Vinueza 0718ServiceAwards010