Metro tops 3,000 bus drivers for first time ever

Crossposted from Metro Matters

This new class of bus drivers is one for the Metro record books.

3000th-operatorAmong them is Nathaniel Housman (pictured front and center), who joins his father, Tom, and his brother, Jonathan, in driving for Metro. When Nathaniel and his class graduated from their training program on June 22, Metro topped 3,000 drivers for the first time in our history.

Just a year ago, Metro was close to 2,850 drivers. Now we have more drivers than ever before, and we’ll continue growing and growing to meet this region’s hunger for more transit service.

Metro continues to recruit and train new drivers, acquire new buses, and plan for new base capacity so that we can keep the buses rolling for everyone who needs one.

We welcome Nathaniel and his classmates. But we’re looking for more qualified people — a lot of them. If you are interested, visit DriveForMetro to take a self-quiz to learn what it takes to be a driver, and see the wages and benefits drivers receive at King County. Apply now!