My internship experience at King County International Airport

By Sydney Brusnighan

Sydney Brusnighan is a Tukwila resident, Raisbeck Aviation High School student and Finance and Business Administration Intern with King County International Airport / Boeing Field. Her internship aligns with KCIA’s support of the King County Aerospace Alliance.

As I approach the halfway point of my time here at the airport, I have begun to reflect on what I have completed and what events lie in the future. Through daily tasks, I have been able to gain a holistic view of Finance and the airport’s inner workings. Everyone on the Finance team has helped me expand my knowledge in a short period of time; especially my supervisor Tony Eayrs. From auditing expense reports and receipts to updating water usages, I have been able to see – numerically – how money flows in and out of the airport. There are few opportunities for young people to delve into Finance.  We don’t learn about it in high school and there aren’t internships often available. My intern experience here has given me a realistic perception of what a job in Finance is like – something I always wondered about. I have also been able to experience some of the great opportunities here firsthand.

Sydney KCIA

Pictured from left to right: Fiscal Specialist Deb Crosier, Administrative Specialist Charlene Travers, Elena Wu (Garfield High School Intern), Sydney Brusnighan (Raisbeck Aviation High School Intern), and Shukri Diriye (Foster High School Intern).

The airport offers many opportunities to better yourself. I’ve attended the food handler’s training and Shukri’s discussion on Islamophobia. Both events, though very different, helped me become a better employee who is more aware and knowledgeable. There are also many opportunities for me to explore career paths. Working here has shown me many facets of working in Finance. At the airport, I also see the work done by operations, maintenance, ARFF, and the FAA air traffic controllers. On top of that, I also saw how members of the military reserve complete an evacuation, and saw the job paths that you can find in the maritime industry when we attended a Port of Seattle event. Some of my favorite intern adventures so far include touring the runways, exploring the C-17 and Black Hawk, and watching the GAO presentation on my first day. All of my experiences have combined into my understanding of King County International Airport / Boeing Field. I have seen how all of the groups interact to ensure operations run smoothly.

My experience would not have been as rewarding without the support of the staff here. They have guided me in financial work that is common here at the airport, but completely new to me. They have shown me neat tricks and skills to make me a more valuable employee no matter where I end up. And there is so much more to look forward to. In the next few weeks, I have the chance to go to our Blue Angels Barbeque during Seafair Fleet Week, Nike’s corporate office in Portland, Microsoft, and an AMAC Project Lift event at the Museum of Flight. At the very end of my internship, I will also present my experience at KCIA on King County TV. This is a great opportunity for me to work on my presentation skills, reflect on my internship, and thank everyone for this amazing experience. I am so glad I was chosen as the Finance and Business Administration Intern at King County International Airport. Thank you!