Executive Constantine names new Deputy Chief Operating Officer to serve as interim jail director


Brenda Bauer, former city manager for the City of Bainbridge Island and director of the City of Seattle’s Fleets and Facilities Department, will join the Executive’s Office as Deputy Chief Operating Officer. Now serving as director of the King County Road Services Division, Bauer will report to Chief Operating Officer Casey Sixkiller.

Following the announcement that Department of Adult & Juvenile Detention Director William Hayes will retire at the end of October, Bauer agreed to serve as interim director until the position is filled on a permanent basis. A national search is currently ongoing.

“I am pleased Brenda accepted this new position. Her experience and background will help departments across King County better meet the needs of our residents,” said Executive Constantine. “Her first assignment is making sure there is a smooth transition at DAJD, and that the department has the support to meet its challenges. Brenda’s deep understanding of local government will be an invaluable resource to command staff, detention officers, and other staff.”

To assist DAJD in this time of transition, Executive Constantine has directed a special attention team to provide additional human resources and other support. The team, consisting of Sixkiller and other county leaders, will focus on several key focus areas:

For the 2019-2020 budget, there are more than 30 unfilled positions, out of a total workforce of 908 FTE’s. The vacancies have contributed to mandatory overtime and other stresses on the workforce. To hire people efficiently and quickly, the Department of Human Resources staff are on special assignment to support recruitment and processing of applications.

Following the inadvertent release and later re-capture of Joseph Matthew Tremato from the King County Correctional Facility in August, DAJD initiated a critical incident review process and separate internal investigation. The results of those are still pending. In addition, DAJD is examining the circumstances of the mistaken release of Devon Douglas Hatcher from the Maleng Regional Justice Center on Sept. 11. Hatcher was booked on residential burglary charges. While an investigation is still ongoing, it appears paperwork was not handled correctly. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

With guidance from the county’s facilities management team and Department of Community and Human Services, DAJD is currently working with the Executive’s Office to determine whether the West Wing of the King County Correctional Facility could be converted from a minimum security unit to temporary cold weather shelter. Criteria includes cost, logistical concerns, suitability, and how such a shelter would fit with the County’s overall approach to tackling homelessness.


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