Sisters Who Care about breast cancer awareness 

True to their name, the Sisters Who Care really do care about their Juvenile Court colleagues and clients. This group of employees includes African American women who champion various causes and projects throughout the year. They are responsible for the annual Juneteenth celebration, and this month they feature Justice in Pink, a focus on Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Justice in Pink is the brainchild of Superior Court Renton Unit Supervisor JoeAnne Taylor and Renton Juvenile Probation Counselor Darlin Johnson who noticed many co-workers and family members were affected by cancer diagnoses. Justice in Pink is designed to educate Juvenile Court staff and the families they serve about early intervention, types of cancer and types of treatment.

Every Thursday in October over the lunch hour the Sisters Who Care are dressed in pink at the entrance to Juvenile Court handing out information about cancer, treatment and the benefits of early intervention.

Thank you to Janaye White, Shirley Noble and Darlin Johnson who took their place at the table on Oct. 11.