Radio shop star: Ric Myers  

KCIT Electronics Communications Specialist Ric Myers was assigned the task of finding a vendor to install a bi-directional Amplifier system (BDA) in the Shoreline Police Department’s new building, located at Shoreline City Hall. After he received the bids, Ric declared he would do the work himself. Ric, along with coworkers Aaron Oestmann and Sean Bachler, ran cable and installed antenna systems throughout the Shoreline Police headquarters, saving thousands of dollars and completing the project three months ahead of schedule. Because of Ric’s great attitude and great customer service, Shoreline Police have made him their “go-to guy” for all communications needs explained Ric’s coworker, William (Rich) Richardson Jr., King County System Manager.  

But that’s not the end of the story. The King County Sheriff’s Office in Burien Precinct 4 was also scheduled to have a BDA installed by a private vendor. Ric went there to survey the facility and discovered a broken, pre-existing BDA System. His skills allowed him fix the broken BDA, saving King County more than $52,000 in replacement and installation costs. 

“Regional Services, KCIT and King County are blessed to have Ric Myers on their team,” Rich said.