“Keeping things simple” with the new Deputy Director of Local Services 

Crossposted from Inside Transportation 

The newly appointed Deputy Director of the Department of Local Services adheres to a fundamental rule when working to solve problems. 

Don’t complicate things. 

“I like to keep things simple,” Danielle de Clercq says. “Break it down to the basics. The simpler we can define the problem, the easier it is to solve.” 

De Clercq’s approach has helped the Dutch-speaking, outdoor enthusiast empower people throughout her 30-year career. Whether she was shepherding the exponential growth of a solid waste startup, administering health education grant applications worth millions of dollars, or consulting on management and operations for companies, de Clercq has always focused on helping staff maximize their effectiveness and make their lives easier.

De Clercq (pronounced de-CLERK) brings those years of experience to Local Services, a department dedicated to improved delivery of government services to the 250,000 residents and businesses of Unincorporated King County. In addition to her ability to manage day-to-day operations and execute projects, Local Services Director John Taylor says it is de Clercq’s relationship with people that makes her the right person for the job.

“Danielle’s unique ability to empower people to improve their work lives to get the most out of their jobs is amazing,” Local Services Director John Taylor says. “Her ability to truly understand people is one of her biggest intangibles and is exactly what Local Services needs as we focus on delivering services to Unincorporated King County.”

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