Executive visits employees helping to keep County agencies open and staffed 

Our Facilities Management Division (FMD) employees have been working hard to remove snow and ice from about 40 buildings, ensuring access is safe for community members and staff. These employees have been working eight days straight with 4 a.m. start times to clear paths around our facilities. Their work has kept buildings safe, and dealt with blown tires and rough roads during poor conditions. They have worked collaboratively with leadership and other agencies while staying overnight, away from their families.

To thank them for their continued dedication, King County Executive Dow Constantine stopped by for a visit Monday morning. He spent time with about 15 employees from different positions, including utility workers, inventory control personnel, supervisors and other tradespeople.

He also visited Metro employees, who have been helping people get around the region in difficult conditions, as well as 911 call takers and staff at the Regional Communications and Emergency Coordination Center (RCECC) who have been coordinating the County’s response to this winter storm.

These rockstar employees are keeping other employees and residents safe, even while exhausted. Thank you to the FMD team, Metro employees and RCECC staff for working hard, with even more snow to come. We appreciate you!