Supported Employment in Transit: Brandon Sims 

King County’s Supported Employment Program matches job seekers with developmental disabilities to jobs by identifying efficiencies and unmet needs throughout King County government. Department of Metro Transit’s Vehicle Maintenance Division partnered with Christina Davidson, Supported Employment Program Manager, to hire through the Program to meet their business needs at the Non-Revenue Base detailing vehicles.  Big thank you to Transit leadership for their commitment in building an inclusive workforce!  

Brandon Sims started working with the Transit in July of 2018 to provide support around the shop as well as detail non-revenue vehicles, all none bus vehicles utilized in Transit. “Brandon has done very well… You tell him what you need done and he goes to it.” stated David (Tom) Personius, Vehicle Maintenance Chief.    

There are now 55 employees in the Supported Employment Program with the Department of Assessments and Elections recently hiring supported employees to provide administrative support in May. “The Program has started to grow because of the support from King County leadership and labor unions,” stated Christina Davidson, Supported Employment Program Manager.  

Watch the short video below that highlights Brandon in the Supported Employment Program and contact Jeff Casem to learn more about ways you can take advantage of this program.