Supporting coworkers and setting high standards, Metro’s 2019 ‘Vehicle Maintenance Employee of the Year’ leads by example 

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Pictured: Frank Wood is presented with the “Vehicle Maintenance Employee of the Year” certificate by General Manager Rob Gannon.

In just seven years at King County Metro, Frank Wood has established himself as the kind of coworker his fellow mechanics want to have around.

His supportive attitude and willingness to mentor new mechanics has inspired others and is a large part of why Wood was recently honored as Metro’s Vehicle Maintenance Employee of the Year for 2019.

Wood accepted the award at East Base in front of family, coworkers, supervisors, and King County General Manager Rob Gannon.

“Frank Wood has set a standard that his fellow mechanics look up to and that is why we are here today. He is an integral member of his base team – reliable and positive in his work,” General Manager Gannon said. “His willingness to mentor new mechanics really strengthens and knits together the maintenance team and inspires others and shows why he is so deserving of this recognition. All of us at King County Metro value Frank’s service and dedication.”

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