Getting to know Mohamed Nimeri 

Pictured: From left, Mohamed Nimeri, Pavement Engineer, and Paul Cook, Maintenance Manager.

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Mohamed Nimeri grew up loving airports. The family moved a lot for his father’s work as Sudan’s ambassador to several countries, so he had quite a bit of experience flying. Although he is from Sudan, he grew up in “a lot of countries,” including the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. 

King County International Airport recently hired Nimeri as its pavement engineer. He is advancing the state of the industry in pavements, and is one of King County’s most highly trained pavement experts.

Nimeri recently completed graduate school, earning master’s and doctoral degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.  In the past five years at UNR, he worked as a researcher, managing large-scale pavement experiments, designing flexible and rigid pavements, and performing laboratory testing.

Prior to his work at UNR, Nimeri managed construction projects in several Middle East countries, where he supervised geotechnical investigations, laboratory testing, and infrastructure work.  He also designed retaining walls, shoring systems, and dewatering systems.

Talking with Nimeri, though, you find out he’s quite humble.

“A Ph.D. gives me a license to make mistakes and still get away with it,” he joked.

There are millions of dollars worth of paving projects scheduled at King County International Airport in the upcoming six-year Capital Improvement Program, including $8 million in small runway paving and about $22 million in main runway paving, said Paul Cook, Maintenance Manager.

“By bringing Mohamed on, we’ll be able to do this more scientifically and with metrics,” Cook added.

“Pavement continually deteriorates from day one,” Nimeri said. “You can invest in preventing the problems rather than fixing them.”

Nimeri loves spending time with his wife, Karima, and four children, Lina, Shahd, Ali, and Omar.  He is a huge fan of soccer, loves listening to audiobooks and podcasts, hiking, basketball, and volleyball.  He also enjoys meeting new people and learning about new cultures.

Please join us in welcoming Mohamed to the airport!