What does an Olympian bring to her county role? 

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Susan Broome knows a little something about being a high performer. She was a sweep rower in the 1988 Summer Olympics, competing against the world’s best in Seoul. “Broome” is also a suitable aptronym – a name perfect for her role. 

“People always get a kick out of that,” she said. 

Broome was in the premier boat in the Women’s eight in the 1988 Olympics. As a sweep rower on the port side, she was among the top four rowers in the U.S. Broome also competed at the 1985 World Championships, winning a silver medal in the pair, and rowed in the eight at the 1987 Worlds, adding another silver medal. She recently went back to Colorado Springs for the induction ceremony for fellow Olympians into the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame. 

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