Meet Colleen McIngalls, Program Manager for the Protection Order Advocacy Program 

Crossposted from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Facebook 

It’s tough to do an interview about Colleen McIngalls because she just wants to talk about how great her Protection Order Advocacy Program team is. 

Colleen arrived at the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (PAO) a little more than two years ago. Prior to joining the PAO, she spent 11 years at Victim Support Services, serving her last three years with the organization as Director of Victim Services. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Seattle University in the Masters in Criminal Justice Department and teaches two victimology courses Fall and Winter quarters.

“I have dedicated my career toward anti-violence, anti-oppression, and race and social justice work. My passion for this work developed during my undergrad when I interned at the local domestic violence community agency. After college I was hired at Victim Support Services as a victim advocate where I assisted on general crime victim cases (Homicides, Vehicular Homicides and Assaults, physical Assault cases, and other mainstream crimes).

“Assisting crime survivors toward accessing justice and other services has brought so much value to my life and my work. I have the unique opportunity to bear witness along someone’s journey and hold space for their experience and aid their voice in the process.”

She loves her team and the work. “Just this week,” she told me, “a DV victim we helped years ago came back to the office with a huge bag of stuffed animals for kids. This is an annual trip. She appreciated the work we did for her and the work we will do tomorrow for the next family.” (The photo below is Colleen holding one of those stuffed animals.)

As we spoke, an attorney came in to thank Colleen for the cinnamon roll and conversation before her court appearance. She grabbed her coat and the bags she casually left in Colleen’s office while she was in court. Another staff member walked by and they chatted about holiday plans. Colleen makes everyone feel welcomed and valued.

Colleen will be taking some time off in the new year. She and her wife are expecting baby number two late January! A girl to join their three-year-old boy. Colleen says her family keeps her grounded and her favorite way to unwind after a day of intense and important work is a family trip to the local park.