Everyday customer service makes a difference 

Crossposted from DES Express

Within just minutes at the Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) in Kent, Security Officer Kim Brown helped a handful of customers. He escorted a woman and her young child from outside a closed courtroom to the proper room for their appointment. While giving a tour, he overheard a couple who sounded lost and offered his services. He quickly answered another question from someone who stopped at the Information Desk. He gives cookies to crying kids and helps start employees’ dead car batteries.

It’s all in a day’s work for Brown, who helps an average of 30 people each day. Some days it’s higher, as many as 60 customers, he said. Recently, a young woman stopped him to thank him for helping her get a restraining order.

“I like to give people empathy, dignity and respect,” Brown said. “People come in and get handed a big packet of paper. They don’t know where to go.”

Brown explained that he had directed the woman to domestic violence resources, because her husband had hurt her. They helped her get a restraining order.

Detective Sergeant C. Sam Hooper of the King County Sheriff’s Office happened to be standing there at the time.

“It seemed to me that Kim made a significant impact in her life. It was really sincere on her part,” Hooper said. “He does things for people all the time.”

“He takes the time to understand what people need. He always makes himself available. He takes care of them,” Hooper said.

Brown, who retired from the Coast Guard after more than 30 years of service, loves his job as a security officer at the MRJC information desk.

“This job’s good for me,” Brown said. “I’m an expert with a pistol but I’m more approachable without a weapon.” Security officers don’t carry weapons at King County.

He also brings life experience that gives him empathy.

“I have children in prison and I understand where the adults are coming from,” Brown said. “Sometimes just knowing the process makes them more comfortable.”

Showing younger employees how simple kindnesses can be meaningful is part of Brown’s mission, too.

“I believe we lead by example,” he said.

Security officers of all ages are appreciated for the work they do every day to keep us safe, give directions, and provide customer service.

“I appreciate the effort that FMD people do for us,” Hooper said. “The security people do an excellent job.”