Honoring the 2019 Executive’s Performance Excellence Awards honorees

King County today announced the honorees for the 2019 Executive’s Performance Excellence Awards, recognizing employees and teams for their exceptional contributions to performance, leadership, service, and innovation, and for helping make King County a best-run government.

“These awards honor employees and workgroups for their exceptional contributions in performance, leadership, and innovation,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said. “They recognize people who are helping to build a best-run government at King County, people who show us what good looks like – what best-run government looks like – and what we can all do to become better.”

The Executive’s Performance Excellence Awards were created to recognize projects, improvements, and innovations in departments that are driving exceptional, measurable results.  Employees and teams were recognized with Innovation Awards in five categories: people, cost, service, ESJ, and sustainability. Three leadership awards were also awarded in three categories: people leaders, individual contributors, and the Fred Jarrett Leadership Excellence Award.

“Recognizing great work is important; celebrating our accomplishments is important; and I am pleased that we can go on with this year’s awards virtually,” Executive Constantine said.

Due to COVID-19, several King County leaders – including Executive Constantine, Chief of Staff April Putney, and members of the Executive’s Senior Leadership Team, announced the 2019 award recipients by video. Click here to see the 2019 honorees and watch the videos.